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The Academy for Missional Wisdom is a two-year program operated by the Missional Wisdom Foundation. We help individuals gain theological foundations and practical tools necessary to cultivate and launch missional communities. 

This course is the public version of our student orientation to online learning. Basically the only difference is our students are automatically enrolled in a section specifically for their cohort. Students are also able to participate in the practice assignments. In this open course you may not be able to practice submitting assignments or update your profile, but you can certainly watch the videos, check out tutorials, and do just about everything else.



 You can just click "play" to watch these videos, embedded on the page.
However, the text may be too small to see in places, so don't hesitate to use the "full screen" option in the bottom right corner of the video screen - hit play first, then hover your mouse over the screen to bring up the action bar.


watch-video-small.png<--Same as video on Explore the Academy home page.







AFTER completing tutorial - Review Specific Sections Here

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